Backup and Recovery

IT Disasters Happen

At some point, almost all organizations will experience an IT disaster where data is lost or corrupted.  Unfortunately, disasters are not predictable, but you can plan to minimize their impact and downtime.  Many people think of hurricanes and flood when they consider a disaster but the reality is that any event that prevents your business from accessing the data and systems it needs to operate is a disaster.

Here are some of the leading causes of IT disaster.

  • Hardware Failure - Hardware failure is one of the leading causes of IT disasters. Although modern hardware is more reliable than in the past, no device can perform forever. All hardware will fail eventually.
  • Human Error – A major cause of data loss is simple human error.  Someone might accidentally delete a file or save unwanted changes, a malicious program might be unknowingly downloaded.
  • Software Errors – Computer programs can sometime shut down unexpectedly without reason.  These software crashes can corrupt the data in the files you were working on and even render them completely unusable.
  • Virus and Security Breach – Cyber-attacks are on the rise and new viruses pop up every day that put your data at risk.
  • Natural Disasters – From fires to hurricanes, a natural disaster can occur at any time.  While you can’t control the weather and environment, you can take control of your disaster plan.

Disaster Recovery

IT Fidelity provides solutions that protect your data against any accidental loss, corruptions, failures, and natural disasters.  We work with you to develop a solid disaster recovery plan to safeguard your business using the latest technologies and best practices.

Contact IT Fidelity’s disaster recovery team today to ensure that your business is prepared for any situation.


Will Your Business be Prepared When Disaster Strikes?

With IT Fidelity, you can rest assured that your business will keep running during an outage - whether it’s a single failed server or your entire environment.





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